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Visual Effects Producer

Visual Effects Producer


Develop visual concepts, schedules and budgets for film special effects.

What does a Visual Effects Producer do?

On a film set, the visual effects producer oversees the schedule and budget of the visual effects (VFX) department. This makes you responsible in this role for ensuring that the visual effects artists and visual effects supervisor bring to life the digitally enhanced aspects of the production in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

As the visual effects producer, you meet with creative and technical executives during the early stages of pre-production to discuss the film director’s overall visual concept. Together you estimate the scope of VFX work that will be required after filming: How many on-set special effects are planned for production? Will those scenes require extensive digital enhancement during post-production? Depending on the extent of VFX work needed, your job is to adjust the schedule and budget accordingly.

Once the budget and schedule are set, you see the project through from beginning to end and make sure all VFX tasks are wrapped up. This involves outlining a post-production schedule for visual effects, ensuring that the VFX supervisor and artists stick to it, and making alterations to the schedule as needed.

In essence, you are a conduit between your effects department and the production designer, ensuring that the original artistic concept is clearly understood by the artists, and, conversely, that the artists have the information and resources to achieve their goals on time and within budget.

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