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Visual Designer

Produce impressive images, whether 2D, 3D, or animated.

What does a Visual Designer do?

The job of a Visual Designer is pretty close to that of a Graphic Designer, and the debate continues as to where exactly the line between them should be drawn. However there are two main differences:

First, Visual Designers use a far wider range of digital mediums than do Graphic Designers. To be a Visual Designer, you’ll be using different visual techniques such as animation, drawing, or 3D design to plan, devise and construct graphic products for your clients; things like slides, websites, or presentation materials are all examples of products you might spend your days working on.

Secondly, your work is geared more towards improving a viewer’s impression, rather than creating attention-grabbing graphics. So you’ll be designing, but in a more subtle way: people will see your creations in the layout of a menu or the brighter colors of a photograph. In other words, you’re creating a visual experience rather than producing a single image.

This job is pretty interesting because you’ll need a lot of different skills to best creatively express your client’s wishes. You might be working on something that will be seen in print, outdoors, or online, and use skills like signage, photography or typography to create exactly what your client is envisioning.