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Visiting Nurse

Advise and assist caregivers providing in-home support.

What does a Visiting Nurse do?

Nurses work in all types of environments-hospitals, clinics, Family Physician offices, retirement communities, and in-home. Visiting Nurses are Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners who visit patients in their homes. They have a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from wound care to dishwashing.

If you’re a Visiting Nurse for a company that connects Nurses with home care needs, then your everyday tasks are probably limited to patient care. If you work freelance or for a smaller establishment, you might spend time keeping the patient company, do the grocery shopping, read books, offer a massage, or provide other services.

When it comes to patient care, your job as Visiting Nurse is often to make sure the patient is receiving quality care from his Caregiver. Whether that Caregiver is a family member, another type of Nurse, or an assisted living staff member, you pull out your teamwork skills and work together to assess the patient’s needs. You discuss care techniques, offer suggestions, and provide support.

In order to evaluate the patient’s condition, you typically do rounds each day. That might mean traveling around an assisted living facility or across two towns. Either way, you gather information by taking vital signs, asking questions, and talking with Caregivers. And while you do your tasks–whether you’re evaluating prescription use, assessing improvement, or inserting a catheter–you make sure to maintain vigilant records about the patient’s care.