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Play the violin in professional orchestras, bands, or chamber groups.

What does a Violinist do?

The music of the violin-elegant, graceful, and moving-has the power to control the very emotions of the audience using the harmony of its strings. And a Violinist-the master of the instrument-is the Puppeteer manipulating those strings. The concertos and sonatas that a Violinist’s fingers plot out can silence the crowd on a staccato note, and have them cheering by the last refrain.

There are two very different sides to being a great Violinist. The first is the technical side. In order to command the respect of the audience, you never miss a note. The shrill mice squeaks and broken strings should be left to your first couple of lessons.

Each day, hours are devoted to running scales; practicing current pieces; and tackling newer, more difficult ones. Concerts, music festivals, and sessions with other talented Musicians are essential to keeping your skills sharp and staying on the road towards even greater mastery.

The second aspect has to do with emotion. More than your hands, you play with your heart. Music inspires you, and you harness that and put it into the motions you have so rigorously practiced. This is the piece of the puzzle that allows you to compose your own songs, which keep you in the limelight of the music industry.

Even if you can play Bach and Beethoven perfectly, the world will also be interested in your signature style. You have a flair that separates you from the other second chair Violinists. Perhaps that flair is your imagination, the inspiration that drives you, or your parents sitting in the third row, watching you with pride. You take what moves you and translate it into captivating melodies.