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Violin Repairer

Adjust and repair bowed musical instruments.

What does a Violin Repairer do?

Adjusts and repairs bowed musical instruments, such as cellos, violas, and violins, using handtools: Inspects and plays instrument to determine defects. Disassembles instrument, using handtools. Removes cracked or broken sections, using heated knife and handtools. Glues cracked part, places it in plaster cast, and clamps cast in handpress. Cuts out broken sections, carves replacement parts, and fits replacements to original shape and dimensions of instrument. Reassembles body of instrument, using glue and clamps. Planes and replaces fingerboard, and fits and replaces pegs. Varnishes, rubs, and buffs instruments to protect and decorate them. Strings instrument and fits bridge and soundpost to obtain specified string tension and height. May repair bows. May be designated according to instrument repaired as Bass-Viol Repairer. When repairing bows, may be known as Bow Repairer.