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Vintage Fashion Buyer

Hunt down old but classic pieces of clothing to sell at retail shops.

What does a Vintage Fashion Buyer do?

Vintage Fashion Buyers subscribe to the motto, “Old is the new black.” A Vintage Fashion Buyer works for boutiques, clothing stores, and online retailers, buying clothing from clients who sell their fashion goods from back in the day.

Vintage clothing isn’t just old. Some define vintage as anything made before the current decade, but it’s typically thought to be any clothing made before the 1960’s. When you shop for these clothes as a Vintage Fashion Buyer, you search for unusual looks, famous brand names, and anything unique or one of a kind. You also look for clothing that is clean and in good condition because, after all, no one wants to buy something ripped and stained beyond repair even if it does have historical value.

Some of the vintage pieces you buy come from clients who contact you when they want to sell some of their stuff. Others you find at estate or garage sales, or online shopping sites. You spend a lot of time out searching, and some jobs even have you traveling to other states or countries, looking for the perfect piece to entice clients.

The articles of clothing that you buy can be used in a lot of different ways. You might help out a Costume Designer who needs a piece from the 1950’s, a person who wants an authentic-looking Halloween costume, or someone who does historical reenactments for their job. The point is you can find clothing from pretty much any period you can think of. You might choose to focus on one specific era or Fashion Designer, or just search for really great pieces with a past.