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Videotape Operator

Set up and operate videotaping equipment to record television programs.

What does a Videotape Operator do?

Sets up and operates videotaping equipment to record and play back television programs, applying knowledge of videotaping equipment operation: Reads television programming log to ascertain program to be recorded or program to be aired. Selects source, such as satellite or studio, from which program will be recorded, and selects videotaping equipment on which program will be recorded. Observes monitor to verify that station is on-air, and informs supervisor if station not on-air. Cleans videotape path to remove contaminants that would affect quality of recording or playback, and mounts videotape onto videotaping equipment. Sets audio level, and records test pattern and program onto videotape, using videotaping equipment. Verifies quality of recording, using videotape equipment, and informs designated personnel of quality of recording. Inspects tape for defective ends, removes defective end, using cutting tool, and mounts videotape onto videotaping equipment to play back program. Starts videotaping equipment and turns video and color monitors on to verify setting of video and color levels. Observes scales in video and color monitors and operates controls to adjust video and color levels. Cues program, using videotaping equipment, and places videotaping equipment in remote control mode for use by other operator. May operate videotaping equipment to dub and edit tapes. May wire audio and video patch bays. May set up videotaping equipment to play station breaks. May set up film equipment to play program. May make minor repairs to equipment.