Video Playback Engineer

Design and improve video streaming technology.

What does a Video Playback Engineer do?

Engineers solve problems. Of course, they’re walking encyclopedias of math and science as well, so when there’s a dilemma, they use those skills to come up with a solution. Video Playback Engineers are no exception. There are few industries that have more glitches than technology, so Video Playback Engineers are right at home working with videos to improve quality, design new versions, or come up with completely unique products.

Imagine the days before video streaming. What used to be the stuff of science fiction was designed and made into a household product through the efforts of Video Playback Engineers. In fact, your job as a Video Playback Engineer might be to improve digital quality or the way that varying software systems interact with the streaming. Think of YouTube, Netflix, and other video sites that display using computers and televisions.

In addition to the world of video uploads, you might also dabble in work with a news network, a television station, or even a film crew. After all, each frame on a Hollywood set is worked over like a well-loved ball of Play-Doh before it meets the eyes of its viewers. With your help, Producers, Directors, and Reporters can all have a user-friendly system that allows them to do their job.