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Video Game Technical Artist



Animate game art by writing its computer code.

What does a Video Game Technical Artist do?

A Video Game Technical Artist helps create video games as they work mid-way between the art and programming departments: You take the art for the game that was produced by the art department, and translate it into code so that it is understandable to the Game Developers. So what portions of the next big game will you be responsible for? Pretty much all of the 3D effects like hair, fabrics, and physical movements.

Your work as a Video Game Technical Artist makes sure that the art and programming departments both get what they need from each other. But you don’t just go and chat with each department and explain the other’s instructions; once you’ve confirmed the guidelines of both departments, you translate the art into code.

This work is critical as it allows the the artwork to be easily integrated with other code elements. Plus it ensures that the original artistic vision can be achieved without exceeding the technical limits of the available programs.

This job is both challenging and really interesting; after all, your avatars will never be real, but you have to get them as close as possible. You’ll also be in charge of finding new technology to help constantly improve the graphics of your game.

Plus, you get to be around really passionate people, in an environment that’s young, exciting, and dynamic. Video games can seem like movies at times, and you’ll be a big part of that, making the characters real and the environments feel like a world you could step right into from your living room couch.

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