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Video Game Technical Art Director

Make sure video games not only look good but are also glitch-free.

What does a Video Game Technical Art Director do?

The Video Game Technical Art Director during a video game’s design spearheads the content and image design. Video Game Technical Art Directors are also responsible for fixing the tech problems that arise from the game graphics during pre-production and beyond.

During the design phase, you spend a lot of time liaising between the Video Game Art Director and the engineering team. As Video Game Technical Art Director, you relay messages to the art team, and make sure that they do their best possible work. On the flip side, you ensure that the back-end operations can handle the graphics, and will work smoothly with all the desired designs. When compromises are reached, you oversee your team of Video Game Technical Artists to complete the agreed upon projects.

Making these two departments find a happy compromise requires some social and technical finagling; Artists and Engineers tend to approach problems from very different angles, so think of yourself as something of a Translator.

This is a fun job where you get to blend your technical and artistic abilities, while working on video games with other equally talented and passionate people. To remain valuable, you need to stay on the verge of technology and video game art, both of which are fields that are constantly improving. Know where games are heading, too, meaning what’s popular in graphics and design, and what’s selling: Staying one step ahead of the competition with your crazy cool graphics and avatars is half the fun.