Video Game Art Director

Create the overall appearance of a video game.

What does a Video Game Art Director do?

When you’re in the middle of an intense Halo session the last thing you’re probably noticing is how well drawn your armor and explosions are, but if you’re a Video Game Art Director you spend your days staring at that armor and those explosions to find ways to improve them. Like their traditional counterparts – Art Directors – Video Game Art Directors are responsible for the visual presentation of their product.

This means that, as Video Game Art Director, you’re the one in charge of the overall artistic vision for a game. You start with the Game Designer ‘s idea and along with Game Artists, Game Producers and the Designer create a look and style for the game. This might be as easy as using what the Designer has already envisioned or you might have to come up with a totally different look if higher up Managers don’t like the original plan.

After a look has been decided on you either hand out assignments to in-house Artists, or hire freelancers. Since you’re the one ultimately responsible for how the game looks you want to make sure you only use talented Artists. This might mean you make new hires take a drawing test or give specific assignments to certain Artists to make sure they’re working to their strengths.

With your Artists you create the mock up of how the game will look and then get to work turning those drawings into an actual game that will one day be played. You need good communication skills because you’re the one giving direction to the Artists working below you and explaining your overall vision for a game to the Producers who work above you.