Veterinary Surgery Technician

Assist Vets as they perform surgery on animals.

What does a Veterinary Surgery Technician do?

Whether fixing deformities or saving the lives of beloved pets, Veterinarians often perform surgery on their animal patients. A Veterinary Surgery Technician assists the Veterinarian during the surgery, lending a helping hand and acting as a second pair of eyes and ears to monitor the animal’s condition. Working as a Veterinary Surgery Technician lets you combine your love of animals, your interest in healthcare, and your desire to heal sick pets.

Your duties as a Veterinary Surgery Technician go beyond the surgery room. Before and after the surgery, you make sure pets are comfortable, check their vital signs, and administer medications to sedate them. When the surgery is ready to start, you hook up an IV to keep the animal hydrated and to administer painkillers after the surgery.

During the surgery itself, you play Nurse to the Veterinarian, who serves as the Doctor. She needs your help making incisions, closing wounds, and performing complex procedures. You also hand her tools and adjust the lights until they’re at the right angle. It helps the surgery go smoothly, resulting in a pet that feels much better when it’s all over.

Once your pet patient is in the recovery room, you watch for any negative side effects from the surgery or medication. Keeping each animal calm and hydrated leads to a speedy recovery. Soon, they can return to their owners safe and sound.