Veterinary Sonographer

Perform ultrasound tests on animals.

What does a Veterinary Sonographer do?

Veterinary Sonographers operate delicate sound-scanning equipment to get accurate images of the insides of animals. Working with a variety of imaging devices in various medical settings, they provide a valuable service to pet owners and Veterinarians alike. The imaging technology used by Veterinary Sonographers is vital to tracking pregnancies, internal injuries, or invasive illnesses.

In addition to knowing how to use and maintain different equipment, Veterinary Sonographers must also know how to deal with many different types of animals and ensure a high-quality reading every time. Bring your love of animals and your ability to deal with unexpected situations to work with you every day. This is one of the few occupations where the ability to calm down a frightened parrot and operate specialized scanning devices go hand in hand.

Working with animals can be messy and even a little dangerous. Skittish or disgruntled pets may be mildly sedated or even unconscious for the duration of the scanning session, but if they are awake (or wake up unexpectedly partway through), you need to be able to deal with it. While you’ll generally work 40 hours per week in a well-maintained office, you may need to be on call or come in after hours to handle emergencies.