Veterinary Pharmacologist

Recommend medicines to treat sick animals.

What does a Veterinary Pharmacologist do?

Just like people, animals get sick and sometimes need the help of drugs or medicines to get well. Veterinary Pharmacologists spend their days creating the drugs and medicines that improve the health of animals.

A Veterinary Pharmacologist works as part of a veterinary team. When an animal-whether pet or livestock-gets sick and is brought to the veterinary clinic, the Veterinarian collects a sample, which can be blood, tissue, or bodily fluid, and sends it off to the Veterinary Pharmacologist. If you’re that person, you analyze the sample, and with the help of the Veterinarian, you come up with a diagnosis.

You then suggest different drug treatments or medicines that will help. You work with the Vet and the owner of the animal to understand things like the animal’s habits, living conditions, and size. Based on this information, you make changes to your recommendations if necessary. You also let the owner and the Vet know about possible side effects, and educate them on changes in habits that they should look out for.

As the animal undergoes treatment, you maintain close contact with the owner and the Vet to make sure that the medicine is working the way it’s supposed to, and that no changes have to be made to the drug therapy. In this job, you need to stay well educated on the different treatment options available, and updated on the current laws and regulations regarding drug treatments.