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Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Check farm animals to make sure they are healthy and safe.

What does a Veterinary Livestock Inspector do?

Horses, goats, cattle, pigs, and other livestock can sometimes catch deadly diseases. These diseases can spread from animal to animal, and sometimes, they can even infect humans. A Veterinary Livestock Inspector checks animals for diseases, and offers solutions to stop the diseases from spreading.

The animals often can’t be transported to a Veterinary Livestock Inspector’s office, so he or she must visit them instead. If you’re a Veterinary Livestock Inspector, you perform a basic inspection of the animals when you arrive, and take blood and urine samples for further analysis. The animals’ homes may contribute to disease, so you may also inspect the areas where they sleep, eat, and graze.

If you determine that the animals do have a disease, you require the owner to confine them in a certain place and provide them with medication. If the disease is particularly dire, you administer shots to kill all of them. These are dark days, but you comfort yourself with the knowledge that you’re stopping a deadly disease.

Serious cases of disease must be reported so other owners can take steps to protect their animals. You write press releases, contact agriculture groups, and give interviews to spread the word about the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Animal abuse is not a disease per se, but it can impact the health of animals. Sometimes, you spot animals that are malnourished or living in crowded and filthy conditions. You document these cases and turn your reports over to law enforcement for investigation.