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Provide medical care to a variety of animals: large, small, or exotic.

What does a Veterinarian do?

veterinarian_profile_imageDo you love animals? If so, you might want to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Veterinarians are animal doctors. In this job you protect animals against disease and injury and help them if they fall prey to either.

There are three basic types of veterinarians that treat animals. Small animal veterinarians work with dogs and cats and may be trained in other animals such as hamsters. Large animal veterinarians assist farm animals like cows, sheep, and horses. Exotic animal veterinarians focus on zoo animals such as tigers and gorillas, as well as other exotic breeds such as snakes.

In addition to these titles, you may focus on a specialty such as equine (horses), radiology, orthopedics (joints and bones), research, or making house calls. A general practice veterinarian might consult or even refer patients to any of these specialists.

Regardless of which animals you treat, your job responsibilities are the same. You track growth, energy, and eating habits to make sure everything is looking good. If something is wrong, you diagnose illnesses and injuries and provide care that helps prevent disease. This is done through scheduled exams and vaccinations.

When an animal is injured or sick, you treat it as a doctor would treat you. Broken bones get a cast, cuts get stitches, and illnesses are treated with medicine. Other treatments include sterilizing pets, de-worming, and treating infections. When a disease or old age makes it difficult for the animal to enjoy life, you may also administer euthanasia.