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Veterans Service Representative

Make sure soldiers receive all the benefits they deserve.

What does a Veterans Service Representative do?

Veterans Service Representatives process veterans’ claims for medical, educational, and even financial assistance. A wealth of benefits-from home loans to medical coverage-are available to veterans, and a Veterans Service Representative is the person who collects their info and files the right forms to see that everyone gets their share.

If you’re a Veterans Service Representative, veterans come to your office seeking assistance or wishing to report a claim. You know what info to gather and which papers to file so the claim is processed properly. Medical claims and financial requests, for home or school loans, require you to do a little digging to sort through medical history and assess the veteran’s current financial situation.

Other veterans seek assistance to continue their education or apply for other benefits. You find out what their needs are, and work with them to see what programs they can apply for. Then you help them fill out the forms for these assistance programs.

Once the claim is approved or denied, you explain the results and lay out what they’ll need to do to continue receiving aid. Financial assistance may be limited to a certain amount of money or a certain number of years in school, while a home loan may have a limit based on income.

Your work truly makes a difference in veterans’ lives. Earning a college degree, buying a house, and raising a family are just some of the many milestones your resources can help them reach.