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Veterans Contact Representative

Advise and aid veterans or dependents in presenting claims for benefits.

What does a Veterans Contact Representative do?

Advises and aids veterans or dependents in presenting disability, insurance, or pension claims for benefits under federal, state, or local laws: Reviews legislation, regulations, and precedents and studies veteran’s medical report and service history to evaluate and determine validity of claim. Obtains claimant’s power of attorney. Prepares claim forms and briefs and assembles pertinent evidence. Requests hearing before government board and presents brief. Reviews board decision for grounds for appeal. Advises veteran on insurance, vocational, and other matters, working in cooperation with Veterans Administration and other agencies. Prepares bulletins and correspondence to acquaint field representatives with current activities and legislation. Participates in or initiates civic functions, such as panel discussions and mass communication programs, to inform public of services rendered and rights and benefits of veterans and dependents. May offer technical advice at congressional or other governmental hearings.