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Serve as the wisecracking voice behind dummies.

What does a Ventriloquist do?

A natural Comedian and performer, a Ventriloquist is an entertainer who “throws” his or her voice so that it seems as if it’s coming from someone, or something, else—usually a dummy. Ventriloquists must be careful to keep their lips still as the puppet’s lips move, making it seem like it’s truly talking.

A few qualifying questions: Have you always made your friends laugh? Do you read children’s stories with a variety of voices to the delight of children? If you answer yes, you’re equipped to develop humorous material for a Ventriloquist show.

If you’re one of those mysterious people who find puppets terrifying, this is not the career for you. However, if you’re someone with the skill to maneuver a dummy and come up with a quick retort, there’s a place for a unique performer like you in front of all types of audiences.

The material for jokes and acts depends on the age and maturity of the audience. Silly performances make schoolchildren giggle, or you may be a Wednesday night regular at the local pub. Wherever your venue, you entertain.