Ventilated Rib Fitter

Mount and align ventilated ribs to shotgun barrels to facilitate aiming.

What does a Ventilated Rib Fitter do?

Mounts and aligns ventilated ribs to shotgun barrels to facilitate aiming: Selects and positions ribs to dovetailed posts on top of gun barrel. Mounts rib to barrel by dovetailing each rib slot and barrel post along barrel. Locks barrel in vise and measures height of rib at breech end, using pin gauge, to determine amount rear end post must be reduced to lower rib to specified height. Hammers and files post and squeezes rib slot, using handtools and fixtures, to fit rib to post at specified height. Files and fits each rib slot to each post along barrel to align and level rib. Stamps identifying data on rib and barrel, using punches and hammer. Operates bench drill press to drill holes in barrel for retaining pins and sighting beads.