Veneer Stock Layer

Stack veneer sheets alternately with glued crossbands.

What does a Veneer Stock Layer do?

Stacks veneer sheets alternately with glued crossbands to assemble plywood panels for bonding, working as member of team: Positions layup board on conveyor against backstop and inserts poles in socket at end to form jig. Places back sheets on layup board to start assembly of individual panels. Places core stock between crossbands placed by CROSSBAND LAYER until specified ply is obtained. Places face sheets on tops of individual panels to complete panels. Pushes assembled panels down conveyor to hotplate press for bonding into plywood. May turn back and face sheets during assembly of panels to ensure that exterior sides of sheets are on outside of finished panels. May stack chemically treated paper on veneer sheet to make plywood with smooth face sheet suitable for painting or application of wallpaper or cloth.