Veneer Drier

Tend conveyor-type driers that dry freshly cut veneer sheets.

What does a Veneer Drier do?

Tends conveyor-type drier that dries freshly cut veneer sheets to prevent mildewing and discoloration: Turns valves to regulate temperature of drying oven according to thickness and moisture content of veneer. Presses buttons or turns lever or handwheel to regulate speed of conveyor belt or feed rollers. Removes veneer sheets from conveyor belt or rollers as they emerge from drying oven and stacks them on handtruck. May measure moisture content of discharged veneer sheets, using moisture meter, to ensure specified drying. May discard sheets with defects, such as splits, knotholes, or decayed sections. May return incompletely dried veneer to be fed again into drier. May feed machine [VENEER-DRIER FEEDER].