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Veneer Clipper

Tend drop-knife clipping machines that cut veneer sheets.

What does a Veneer Clipper do?

Tends drop-knife clipping machine that cuts veneer sheets to specified size and cuts out defective sections: Lifts veneer from cart onto feed table of clipping machine. Examines veneer for defects, such as knots and splits. Positions veneer under drop knife with edge of material at measured distance from knife, using ruler, to obtain cuts of desirable grain pattern and specified width and length that are free of defects. Pushes button, presses pedal, or moves lever to release knife-locking device and actuate knife. Slides veneer around on table or turns handwheel to reposition veneer after each cut until veneer is clipped to size and free of defects. Stacks clipped veneer on table or handtruck. Records number of sheets in each stack on work ticket or on top sheet of stack. Cleans and lubricates machine, using airhose and grease gun.