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Sell goods to your customers.

What does a Vendor do?

“Vendor” is one of those broad job titles under which a lot of specific ones fall. As a Vendor, you can also call yourself a Supplier or a Businessperson. Or you can go by a more specific title, like Street Vendor.

However you decide to classify yourself, the job responsibilities are basically the same. You sell goods or services to your customers.

When you sell goods, you have a product to offer, and you bring it to companies or corporations that need it. Examples of this type of Vendor are Software Vendors and Office Supply Vendors. Alternatively, you can provide a product as a Food Vendor or Street Vendor, in which case, you have a small truck, stand, or pushcart where you sell things like tasty lunchtime treats, newspapers, or magazines.

When you sell services, you bring your abilities and skills wherever you go, and those are what you offer to your clients. These skills can be pretty much anything: art, photography, driving, styling, to name a few. You can specialize in parties and weddings, for example, and provide photography or catering services. Essentially, you’re a business, but you can be one without a brick-and-mortar space.