Vendor Lead

Woo the best vendors into partnering with your company.

What does a Vendor Lead do?

Who would have thought the world of business could be a place of romance? Vendor Leads make the sparks fly between their client and potential Vendors offering supplies and services that their client wants. Think of a Vendor Lead as a Matchmaker hired to ensure only the best Vendors make it to his or her client’s list of trusted Suppliers.

In many ways, your work as a Vendor Lead mimics an online dating service. Miss Vendor has supplies that customers want, but no way to deliver them. Mr. Corporation needs services and supplies to support his business, but just can’t find a good Supplier. You see how much they have in common, introduce them, and voila! A match.

It takes a little more than just meeting a good Vendor to finalize the deal though. To really woo them, you show off what your company does and what profitable advantages you can offer them. Whether you’re offering to pay top dollar for their products or to give them more publicity than your competitors, you show them why you are the best choice.

Finally, the vendor is won over and the deal is done. They profit from selling to you and you profit from selling to your customers. A Vendor Analyst steps in to monitor this budding relationship and ensure it thrives, while you move on to seek out the next potential Vendor. It’s a corporate happily ever after.