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Vending Machine Technician

Put snacks in and take money out of vending machines.

What does a Vending Machine Technician do?

The concept behind a vending machine is quite simple: the machine is loaded with products, people put money in, and the products come out. They may seem fully automated, but these machines do require human intervention. Products must be loaded in, money must be taken out, and the machines must be repaired from time to time. This is the job of a Vending Machine Technician.

If you’re a Vending Machine Technician, you may work for a large company, such as a casino or amusement park, or you may own your own business. If you work with machines that sell food and drinks, you’re responsible for ensuring that the products haven’t expired. If you handle machines that sell games, you check that the games are still working properly. In either case, as the Vending Machine Technician you remove the money from the machines, and make sure they’re loaded with adequate change.

After a machine is sufficiently stocked, you test it to see if it’s working properly. If you find a problem, you correct it. You may perform electrical, refrigeration, and mechanical repairs during the course of a single day. Sometimes, you’re called out to make unexpected repairs as well.

You may be amazed at how attached some people are to your machines, and how quickly they get upset if the machines are broken. Just reassure them that the problem can be solved quickly, and they can have their candy fix in just a few moments.