Vegetable Harvest Worker

Harvest vegetables.

What does a Vegetable Harvest Worker do?

Harvests vegetables, such as cucumbers, onions, lettuce, and sweet corn, by hand or using knife, according to method appropriate for type of vegetable: Ascertains picking assignment from supervisor and places work aids, such as buckets and tie wires, in assigned area. Picks vegetable from plant, pulls vegetable from plant or soil, or cuts vegetable from stem or root. Puts vegetables in container or lays bunches of vegetables along row for collection. Carries containers or armloads of bunched vegetables to collection point. Loads vegetables on trucks or field conveyors. May tie vegetables into specified size bunches, using wires or rubber bands. May cut top foliage from root vegetables, using knife. May wash vegetables. May be identified with tasks performed, such as picking, cutting, bunching, and washing; or with crop harvested as cucumbers, lettuce, onions, radishes, and sweet corn.