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Vegetable Farmer

Grow and harvest vegetables.

What does a Vegetable Farmer do?

A Vegetable Farmer can work on a small or a large farm. Each presents different day-to-day challenges and duties. However, a Vegetable Farmer’s basic responsibilities are ultimately the same, no matter how big (or small) the farm is. Vegetable Farmers plant, harvest, and sell vegetables of all kinds.

Small farms are those you find selling at local outdoor markets. They’re often owned by one family, and have a workforce you can count on both hands. You don’t make as much money as a bigger farm (because you can’t grow as much), but you have a lot more control over things. You can decide not to use pesticides, for example, or change crop options based on your customer’s whims. This is because you work with a smaller number of plants, and get to know your customers better. Unlike big farms, you can’t ship your vegetables far away, so the people you deal with are limited to how far you can drive your peas or carrots before they start to mold.

As a big Farmer, you still worry about early frosts or bugs that kill plants, but you have different resources at your disposal. You have a bigger budget, and therefore, you can own more equipment, hire more Pickers, and have a marketing department to find you business. However, this also means you’re responsible for making more money. Owning a big farm means you spend a lot of time in meetings. Sales Reps who want to sell your crops, Salespeople who want you to buy their products, and businesses that carry your produce all take up your time.