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Vault Teller

Tally the money in a bank vault to determine a bank's daily currency needs.

What does a Vault Teller do?

A Vault Teller works in a bank, overseeing the cash transactions that take place in its secure central storage room. While Tellers at the front of the bank accept deposits and hand out withdrawals, the Vault Teller tallies all of these to ensure that the correct amounts of money are coming in and going out.

Your day as a Vault Teller begins before most other employees arrive. With a colleague, you open the vault and tally any after-hours deposits from the night before. You count the money supply to ensure that it squares with the final count from the previous day of business. You may also perform periodic counting and recounting of the money as the day goes on.

You determine what the currency needs are for the bank’s operations, and order the necessary denominations. You send large bills and any torn or damaged currency to the Federal Reserve for replacement with smaller, newer bills. When cash arrives to be stocked, you work to process it from the armored truck into the vault. At the close of business, you stock the Customer Tellers’ cash drawers with enough currency to start the next day.

You see more money in a day than many will earn in their lives, and count it with a speed that makes Vegas Blackjack Dealers stare in awe.