Vault Custodian

Receive, identify, fumigate, and place garments in cold-storage vaults.

What does a Vault Custodian do?

Receives, identifies, fumigates, and places garments in cold-storage vaults: Marks incoming garments with identification tags, tape, or by some other method, and classifies and routes garments to cleaning and repair departments. Fills pans with fumigant and seals storage vaults to fumigate incoming and stored garments. Turns on ventilating system to remove fumigating gas from vaults. Hangs garments in specified place in storage vault. Removes stored garments at customer’s request. Inspects or routes garments to INSPECTOR and sends them to delivery department. May monitor vault room humidistat and adjust refrigeration thermostat to change temperature and relative humidity in vault. May record garment identifying information on control record.