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Varnish Inspector

Inspect and test sample lots of varnish for conformance to specifications.

What does a Varnish Inspector do?

Inspects and tests sample lots of varnish for conformance to specifications: Pours sample varnish into spray gun reservoir, adjusts nozzle of spray gun, and sprays wood, paper, tile, or steel panels, using knowledge of spray painting techniques to obtain uniform coating on panels. Places panels in oven or under heat lamps to dry varnish. Inspects dried varnish for clearness, cracks, crystallization, and drying qualities. Compares sample color with standard varnish colors to determine adherence to color specifications. Dips strip of indicator paper into sample and observes color change of paper to determine acidity of varnish. Tests viscosity of varnish by comparing flow of sample varnish to flow of standard varnish in test tubes. Weighs sample to determine weight per gallon.