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Varitype Operator

Operate electrically powered typewriting machines to typeset master copies.

What does a Varitype Operator do?

Operates one or variety of electrically powered typewriting machines equipped with changeable type fonts to typeset master copies, such as stencils, direct plates, photo-offsets, and tracings, for reproduction of copies having printed appearance: Plans layout of page elements from rough draft or specifications, using knowledge of design. Pastes up preprinted type and reproduction proofs on master layout, using paste and brush. Determines size and style of type, horizontal and vertical spacing, and margins, using knowledge of typesetting. Calculates anticipated dimensions of photo-offset copy to be enlarged or reduced, using arithmetic percentages. Attaches fonts to type holder. Attaches gear to platen to control spacing between lines. Moves lever to control spacing between characters. Sets stops to control right margin. Changes style and size of type by pressing type-change key and turning font from reserve to typing position. May draw decorative or illustrative designs on copy. May lay out and rule forms and charts, using drafting tools.