Variety Saw Operator

Operate adjustable circular saws.

What does a Variety Saw Operator do?

Operates adjustable circular saw to perform such operations as ripsawing, cross cutting, beveling, grooving, and mitering of woodstock: Selects sawing disk according to type of cut specified on work order and bolts disk to machine shaft, using wrench. Turns handwheel or crank to tip machine table to specified angle or to raise table according to specified depth of cut. Positions guides on machine table according to specifications of cut, and turns knobs to set guides or bolts guides in place, using wrench. Starts machine, places woodstock on table against guides, and pushes stock against saw. Measures cut stock with ruler, caliper rule, or square to verify dimensions against specifications. Removes cut stock from machine and maintains production count. May turn handwheels and knobs to adjust machine guide, blade, and table to make additional cuts of woodstock, according to work order. May be designated according to operation performed as Miter Sawyer.