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Van Driver

Load furniture into van and drive truck to specified destination.

What does a Van Driver do?

Loads furniture into van, drives truck to specified destination, and unloads furniture: Drives van to loading point and consults householder on furniture to be moved. Gives directions to VAN-DRIVER HELPER in moving articles to van. Wraps furniture with blankets to prevent damage. Wraps dishes and fragile items in packing paper and packs them into containers. Loads truck, using dollies and handtruck, distributing weight evenly, forming compact load, and utilizing space. Drives van to destination and unloads cargo. Obtains customers signature or collects payment for services. May service van [GAS-AND-OIL SERVICER]. May remove window frames and erect block and tackle on house to remove bulky items. May move delicate equipment or instruments for industrial firms. May deliver items such as furniture and large appliances to department store customers and be designated Bulk Driver.