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Valve Repairer

Rebuilds safety and flow valves.

What does a Valve Repairer do?

Rebuilds safety and flow valves used on compressed and liquefied gas cylinders, drums, or railway cars: Disassembles valve, using bench vise and handtools. Inspects components for surface flaws, and defects in stem and threads. Reams valve seats with hand reamer and dresses threads with tap and die. Immerses parts in cleaning solution and reassembles valve. Dips valve in molten lead, using tongs, to prevent leakage. Attaches valve and fusible plug to high-pressure gasline, submerges it in water, and observes for bubbles to test valve and plug for leaks. Melts out defective plugs, scrapes hole clean, and pours in new metal. Records number of valves tested and test results. May attach gauge and open air valve to test filled cylinders for pressure. May brush or spray chemical solution around valves to test filled cylinders for leaks. May fill cylinders [CYLINDER FILLER].