Valve Maker II

Fabricate valves for brass musical instruments.

What does a Valve Maker II do?

Fabricates valves for brass musical instruments, using handtools and machine tools and performing any combination of following tasks: Cuts connecting tubes to specified length, using table saw. Drills connecting tube holes in valve, taps internal and external threads in valve and ballisters, and cuts recess in top of valve or ballisters, using drill press. Fits ballisters onto valve and solders them into place with soft solder. Inserts connecting tubes and braces between valves, and wires them into place, using pliers. Aligns valves, tubes, and braces, using gauge and hammer. Solders tubes and braces to valves with silver solder. Cuts connecting tubes from interior of piston and bores piston, using honing machine with changeable bits. Hones interior of valve and exterior of piston, using lapping machine. Cleans excess solder from joints and deburrs inside of valve, using file, scraping tool, and sandpaper, Depresses piston into valve to ascertain that corresponding valve and piston holes match, and solders piston head to piston when holes are matched. Numbers matched valves and pistons to facilitate final assembly.