Validation Engineer

Ensure items meet required security and quality prerequisites.

What does a Validation Engineer do?

As a validation engineer, you’re required to maintain the systems that manufacture products. You may work in different fields such as the automobile, software, pharmaceutical, or aerospace industries. Validation engineers maintain the manufacturing machinery to make sure it stays in excellent condition so as not to compromise the quality of production. In the case of a malfunction, you first identify the problem, then calibrate, monitor, and repair the machinery. Validation engineers have broken equipment replaced or repaired as needed. You also order new equipment, schedule repairs, train employees on how to use the equipment, and handle the budget for the machinery. Validation engineers also write validation protocols, document test results, and maintain records.

As a validation engineer, you use relevant data to determine if events and procedures conform to laws, regulations, and quality standards. You need to have good communication skills and confidence as you will have to report to your supervisor via email or in person. The job of a validation engineer requires a bachelor’s degree.