Vacuum Metalizer Operator

Tend vacuum metalizing equipment.

What does a Vacuum Metalizer Operator do?

Tends vacuum metalizing equipment that deposits decorative or protective coating of specified metal on metal, glass, or plastic objects: Hooks or clamps articles onto rack. Positions pieces of coating metal over heating filament on rack. Positions rack in vacuum chamber, manually or using hoist. May plug in electrical connection or filaments. Connects gear to motorized jig that rotates rack inside chamber. Closes door and turns handles to seal chamber. Turns handwheel and starts pump to remove air from chamber. Starts booster and high vacuum pumps, and observes dials to obtain specified state of vacuum in chamber. Pushes button to heat filament which vaporizes coating metal and deposits it as film on objects on rack. Turns off electric current after specified time and turns handwheel to permit air to enter chamber. Opens door, removes rack, and lifts coated objects onto truck or dolly.