Vacuum Drier Operator

Tend vacuum drier systems to dehydrate fruit in evaporating plant.

What does a Vacuum Drier Operator do?

Tends vacuum drier system to dehydrate prebleached and preevaporated fruit in evaporating plant: Loads fruit-filled trays onto drier shelves and closes and seals doors. Turns switches and dials to start heater and set temperature and timing for preheating system’s circulating water. Turns switches and dials in prescribed sequence to activate timer, water pumps, and condenser and to put system on automatic cycle. Turns hand-valve to break vacuum at end of cycle, sets timer, and allows fruit to cool. Removes filled trays from drier and turns and pulls trays across bin-mounted scraper to remove dehydrated fruit. Listens for sounds that indicate malfunctions, and notifies supervisor of malfunctions that fail to respond to specified corrective actions.