Utility Supervisor

Diagnose causes of utilities damage and oversee repairs.

What does an Utility Supervisor do?

The job of the Utility Supervisor is to maintain essential systems, thereby keeping the comforts of home going for residents throughout the city. The Utility Supervisor typically works for an energy company or a municipality in a variety of locations, monitoring and repairing utility connections such as electricity, sewer, and water systems. In addition, managing employees and working within a budget are the responsibilities of the Utility Supervisor.

As a Utility Supervisor, you should expect to get your hands dirty from time to time, as you work in alleys, underground, and in buildings. Along with the employees you oversee, such as Utility Technicians and Administrative Assistants, you provide a vital service to thousands of people.

Using your background in human resource management, communications, welding, mathematics, and English, you read and follow guidelines and perform diagnostic tests. For example, when a water main breaks during a road construction project, you must assess the damage and determine a solution. Repairs may require replacing underground pipes and connectors. Once the water main is repaired, you use equipment such as air compressors and ball valves to test the water pressure.

You perform hands-on work in the field, but your job is not done when you head back to the office. Other duties include managing employees, settling small disputes, making schedules, and providing training. These tasks often require a calm attitude and a listening ear. Negotiation skills also come in handy, along with outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

Physical strength and stamina are also essential, as you walk, climb, bend, twist, stand, and lift up to 50 pounds regularly throughout your shift.