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Utilities Service Investigator

Investigate reports of Meter Readers.

What does an Utilities Service Investigator do?

Investigates reports of METER READERS concerning evidence of tampering with watt-hour meters and related wiring which interferes with correct metering of electric current consumed: Requests permission of customer to examine meter. Examines meter for evidence of tampering. Examines wiring connecting meter to outside power lines and building circuits. Removes unauthorized wires or devices illegally installed to bypass current past meter, or to obstruct normal meter function. Turns on bulb of known wattage and observes movement of meter disk, determining accuracy of disk rotation in relation to current consumed by bulb. Replaces blown fuses and repairs minor defects, such as loose wiring connections or insulators. Removes meters showing evidence of tampering and informs customer of discontinuance of service, pending settlement with company. Compiles inspection report, confirming or denying suspected tampering, and reports needed major repairs. May serve court summons and testify in court as company witness during criminal prosecution.