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Assist people at formal events and show them where to sit.

What does an Usher do?

As an Usher, you are responsible for “ushering” someone to his or her seat, among other things. You are basically the main point of contact at any large public event where guests require help with seating and directions.

You can work as an Usher in a wide variety of settings—concerts, movies, plays, and sporting events, to name a few. If it’s a large gathering of people that requires someone who knows the venue well and can help the public get to where they’re going, then it’s a setting where Ushers can find work.

Your number one job is to lead people to their seats, or at the very least, point them in the right direction. But seating people is only part of the job. You may need to lead them out when the show is over too.

You also may have to escort people out if they’re being too disruptive, and you may on occasion need to show someone the way to the restroom, telephone, gift shop, or snack bar. People go to the Ushers for information, so you should be ready to answer questions. And not only the “where” questions, but the “who,” “what,” “when,” and “why” questions too.

Some additional responsibilities include handing out programs for the event, and making sure that people aren’t where they shouldn’t be (no blocked fire exits on your watch, nor any seat stealers). You also take tickets, remind people to turn their phones off, and lead people to their seats in the dark.