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User Support Analyst

Investigate and resolve computer software and hardware problems of users.

What does an User Support Analyst do?

Investigates and resolves computer software and hardware problems of users: Receives telephone calls from users having problems using computer software and hardware or inquiring how to use specific software, such as statistical, graphics, data base, printing, word processing, programming languages, electronic mail, and operating systems. Talks to user to learn procedures followed and source of error. Answers questions, applying knowledge of computer software, hardware, and procedures. Asks user with problem to use telephone and participate in diagnostic procedures, using diagnostic software, or by listening to and following instructions. Determines whether problem is caused by hardware, such as modem, printer, cables, or telephone. Talks with coworkers to research problem and find solution. Talks to programmers to explain software errors or to recommend changes to programs. Calls software and hardware vendors to request service regarding defective products. Reads trade magazines and attends computer trade shows to obtain current information about computers. May test software and hardware to evaluate ease of use and whether product will aid user in performing work. May write software and hardware evaluation and recommendation for management review. May write or revise user training manuals and procedures. May develop training materials, such as exercises and visual displays. May train users on software and hardware on-site or in classroom, or recommend outside contractors to provide training. May install microcomputers, software, and peripheral equipment, following procedures and using handtools [MICROCOMPUTER SUPPORT SPECIALIST 039.264-010]. May work as in-house consultant and research alternate approaches to existing software and hardware when standardized approaches cannot be applied. May conduct office automation feasibility studies, including work flow analysis, space design, and cost comparison analysis. May specialize by type of software, computer language, or computer operating system.