Urban Planning Professor

Teach university students about urban planning.

What does an Urban Planning Professor do?

Urban Planning Professors teach students about the many aspects that go into planning a neighborhood. That’s no easy task considering that urban planning goes beyond the bounds of architecture and engineering to include sociological and economic principles. Urban Planning Professors teach their students how to design appropriately for a city, taking into account its unique characteristics such as its layout, cost of living, public transportation, and even its weather.

If you’re an Urban Planning Professor, your classes look at how cities are made, from inception to construction, and where Urban Planners fit into that picture. You tell your students that there’s more to city planning than cost and design. Your courses include history, politics, and mathematics as well.

Because urban planning encompasses so many different topics, you need to possess the ability to teach multiple subjects. One day’s class may cover architecture, the next statistics, the next policy, and so on.

While you teach students about the analytical and quantitative aspects of their future jobs, you also help them grasp the more esoteric side of things. Students need to have vision. They need to learn how to get a sense of the past, while being able to look towards the future of a city, improving upon what already exists while preserving historical landmarks and treasures.