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Provide coverings, cushions, curtains, etc.Apply new and replacement fabrics to various items.

What does an Upholsterer do?

Upholsterers put new or replacement coverings and cushions on a variety of items such as chairs, sofas, and other types of furniture. or change the fabrics on a variety of items like chairs, sofas, etc. ManySome upholsterers specialize in automotive upholstery, while and others work on home furnishings or business decor. You have broad responsibilities for everything from client interactions to the application of materials./n/n As an upholsterer, you fit and install coverings on frames using various instruments such as hand tools, power tools, glue, cement, and/ or staples. You make furniture with fiber stuffing, cotton, felt, and/or foam padding and you also examine the furniture to locate defects. You read work orders to decide the types and amounts of materials required to cover work pieces. You also make, restore, and create customized furniture. You maintain records of time spent to perform each job and the quantity of materials used for appropriate costinginvoicing. You suggest suitable designs, texture, and color of the upholstery as per the client’s requirement./n/n Skills for an upholsterer are effective communication, both written and verbal. You should have the ability to match colors, detect differences in shade, and ascertain colors and brightness. A degree in graphic design is an added advantage.