Tend machines that unscramble cans or jars of cooked food products.

What does an Unscrambler do?

Tends machine that automatically unscrambles cans or jars of cooked food products from retort baskets into straight line to facilitate further processing: Lowers retort basket to top of hydraulic lift, using hoist, and clamps basket onto lift. Adjusts conveyor sides to permit passage of cans or jars, and pushes button to activate conveyor. Moves levers to activate lift that raises tiers of cans or jars to conveyor height and to activate arm which moves containers from retort basket to conveyor. Observes flow on conveyor and removes warped or bent cans and repositions cans causing bottlenecks. Repeats operation for each layer of cans or jars in basket. Moves empty basket to designated area, using overhead hoist.