Unleavened Dough Mixer

Tend five-position mixing machines to mix unleavened dough ingredients.

What does an Unleavened Dough Mixer do?

Tends five-position mixing machine to mix unleavened dough ingredients, such as flour, eggs, salt, and water in production of matzoh products: Pushes mixing pot onto roller platform and positions pot under automatic filling and weighing devices. Flips switch and turns controls to fill mixing pot with dough ingredients. Observes scale indicators to determine when specified amounts of ingredients have been added. Dumps premeasured pail of condiments into mixing pot. Pushes pot from roller platform onto platform of mixing machine. Depresses button to move platform to each of five mixing positions and to simultaneously agitate mixing fork in mixing pot. Depresses foot pedal to uncradle mixing pot from final position, lifts and pulls pot onto roller platform, and pushes pot onto elevator for conveying to dough-dumping station. Observes machine and auxiliary automatic pot-washing system, and stops machine and notifies supervisor when malfunctions occur. Cleans mixer cover, using brush and airhose, and unscrews mixing fork from spindle for cleaning by other worker.