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Unix Engineer

Serve as the resident expert on the Unix operating system.

What does an Unix Engineer do?

Before you can understand what a Unix Engineer does, you first need to understand what Unix is. In really basic terms, Unix is an operating system, which means it controls the way a computer does everything, from turning on to running programs. The system allows for multiple users and runs off of cheap hardware, making it popular with companies from small nonprofits to large financial firms. So a Unix Engineer can work for any company that uses this system, providing setup and technical support.

Just like any Computer Engineer, you spend your days as a Unix Engineer working with computers, doing diagnostic tests, and periodically updating to new software. You keep track of the needs of the business, and figure out how best to keep up with things like the need for more memory space or the addition of stronger firewalls to keep out hackers. You schedule periods when the system can go down and be reworked, keeping in mind that this is usually easiest when no one is in the office. This means you might occasionally work some long nights, or even weekends, to get everything done.

Although you spend most of your time with computers, you still need to be pretty good when it comes to dealing with people. You’re the one employees call or email when they have computer problems or need help with a technology issue. You also work with the other Engineers at your company to solve problems and oversee the work of the more junior Engineers.