University Registrar

Handle university registration, recordkeeping, and commencement duties.

What does an University Registrar do?

When it comes to registering at university, whether for class or graduation, the University Registrar is the person to see. University Registrars enroll students into classes, collect and maintain all student records, set test dates, and supervise the entire graduation ceremony.

You help students with anything that has to do with getting into a course. Specifically, you organize the upcoming year or semester’s class schedule, finding open rooms and times that work for both students and Teachers. And then you assist students in enrolling into their chosen classes or dropping from the wrong ones. You also handle any registration questions or issues, whether from Teachers, students, or parents.

When you’re not handling registration, you’re in charge of collecting, recording, and maintaining student records. This can mean issuing an official transcript to a former student who’s applying to graduate school, or keeping copies of grades to prove a student’s academic eligibility. The record-keeping role of a University Registrar follows a specific process because the recording and reporting of student grades is protected under a federal privacy law. So you have to follow the correct way of giving out transcript information.

Organizing graduation ceremonies and testing dates is another one of your big responsibilities. You help organize graduation by ensuring that graduation applications are filled out correctly and on time. And you’re the one who draws up the final list of successful graduates. As for testing dates, you schedule the room, date, and time for necessary tests, whether finals or mandated state and federal tests.