University President

Create goals and plans to drive your university toward success.

What does an University President do?

Top dog, head honcho, main man (or woman) — the University President is the face, handshake, and speaker associated with all activities, sporting events, curriculum choices, staffing, budgeting, and fundraising for the entire college campus.

As a university president, you’re a decision maker. To make those decisions, you first gather information. After all, you wouldn’t want to announce that you’ll be closing the agriculture department without some hard financial facts to back you up. So, you spend a good deal of your time in meetings, listening to the advice (a.k.a. arguments) of other administrators and professors.

The meetings are different each day because, as university president, you have your hand in many different pots. One meeting might focus on expanding the school’s football program, while another might target a building restoration on the other side of campus. You find solutions to student housing and healthcare issues, scour enrollment numbers, and listen to market analysts forecast future attendance. In addition, you find ways to raise money, solve staffing issues, and improve the curriculum.

While some days you might want to run off to the sunny beaches of Maui rather than attend another meeting, you’re motivated to solve problems and create a plan for the future of the school. Not only because it’s your job, it’s the right thing to do, and it feels good, but also because the Board (to whom you report) is constantly making sure you make the right decisions for the sake of the entire campus.